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``We make time to listen to our patients and consider all factors that may be crucial to the patients wellbeing.``

Visiting the Clinic

The first consultation with Hadleigh Osteopathy will normally take up to an hour. It will include questions about your medical history and lifestyle.
For examination and treatment you will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing. If you would be more comfortable please bring along a pair of shorts to wear. If you wish, you may bring a chaperone throughout your consultation and treatment.

The Osteopath will assess your posture and mobility by asking you to perform simple movements. Utilising a highly trained sense of touch the osteopath is able to identify any areas of strain or restriction.
Once a diagnosis has been reached, and we consider that osteopathy can help you, we will discuss with you a suitable treatment plan. Treatment will consist of a wide range of techniques that may include gentle stretching, mobilising and joint manipulation as is seen suitable. You may also be given exercise and lifestyle advice to help in your recovery.

Normally between 2 and 6 sessions are required, although some patients decide that they would like to have periodic check ups with occasional preventative treatments to avoid recurring problems.
On the rare occasion when osteopathy is not deemed suitable, it may be necessary for a patient to be referred to a GP for further investigation.


If you need any further information feel free to Contact us or see our Frequently asked questions page.